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Women And Autism

Baron Cohen, an English professor autism, suggests that autism starts in the male brain. Male brains are focused on logical systems. Women’s brains are focused on their social environment. Baron Cohen sees autism as an extreme variant of the male brain.

This view fits well with the concept that autism for the most part is a male disability. Approximately four out of five people diagnosed with autism are men.
According to the theory of Simon Baron Cohen, women can also have male brains and vice versa. Women with autism, according to the theory of Baron Cohen therefore have male brains.
The difference between men and women is startling. The boy’s groups were characterized by being late, not coming, not listening, cannot reproduce and have no agendas. The most striking feature of the boys’ groups was that the groups were not organized. Many of them gave the impression of being wandering souls, in some way lost in time, place and person.autism-brain
In the female group it was seen that they were more precise, in that in their groups they did things like keep a diary(even it was like a lose weight fast for women or a grow your hair faster diary), let each other finish and asked oriented and good questions. If you did not know any better you’d never think they had autism. The autism of the girls was only seen when they tried to solve their problems, something they still were able to do better than the boys.

According to the diagnoses, 80% of people with autism are male and the theory of the extreme male brain is logical. In recent years I have begun to doubt that the percentage of men is that high.
The reason is that in my daily work, I encountered many women which I suspected had autism but they were able to barely suppress it. I also think the theory of “the absent self” by Uta Frith better characterizes the problems of people with autism than the theory of the extreme male brain. According to the theory of autism written by Frith, it has to do with the absence of an internal director. The disadvantage of this theory, I find is that people with autism have something missing, which causes some people with autism to have bad experiences. It does not do justice to the talents of people with autism. (more…)

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Women In Christianity

In feminist and liberal circles, the idea that the Christian faith is almost ineradicable in suppressing woman has misogynist aspects. Islam has the most gradual differences that use this principle. My position is the opposite: there is no woman-friendly religion other than Christianity and I have put this argument on the table.

In Genesis 1:27 man and woman are portrayed as standing together as being created “in God’s image and likeness.” Together they are given the task to manage the Earth.chritian-woman-looking-to-heaven They are therefore shoulder to shoulder. In Genesis 2, the woman is seen as “a helpmate” but the word “help” is seen incorrectly. It doesn’t mean as a subordinate assistant, but to help as an equal partner. The word may even indicate who is superior to man: “God is my help.” At the core of the biblical message concerning the relationship between man and woman, it can be described as: mutual dependence in mutual respect, not domination of one sex over the other, not assuming only women know how to boil eggs, which will be the primary focus of the Christian Women’s Convention this spring break (sbreak.net has the recent spring break dates).

In the Old Testament we see this line in practice unfortunately hasn’t been retained. In the male-female ratio since the Fall there came a fault line (see Gen. 3:16)… There is (i.e.) in the ancient East a patriarchal culture, co-staining that gave many specific laws in the Old Testament. Even in the tenth commandment of the Decalogue a woman appears as the property of the husband, whose labor should be considered. We should see this as an adaptation of God’s revelation to that culture and can also think of it as being extremely misogynistic polygamy. (more…)

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Why women love chocolate

Research shows that 55 percent of women cannot be mean if there is chocolate in the house. Look around you and you will see that a lot of women are fond of chocolate. Do women need more chocolate than men? If so, why?

Research on the brain
A Dutch University investigated the effects of chocolate on men and women. Twelve men and twelve women had an overnight fast, but the following morning they received a reward: as much chocolate as they could eat. Moreover, they received a cup of chocolate before and after breakfast, while an MRI (magnetic resonance images) measurement was made of their brains. What was found? In men who had a lot of chocolate other areas of the brain were active than those in the women. The conclusion of this research: men and women react differently with to chocolate saturation. And maybe women and men react differently with appetite control as well haha (that’s why you need appetite suppressants, go to this loseyourappetite.com website for more info, this product on is also good).

Women enjoy chocolate
No one knows with certainty why women love chocolate more than men or if it is true that women eat more chocolate than men. However, it seems that men are less likely to say whether they are chocolate lovers or if they prefer another food delicacy, while women often focus specifically on chocolate.

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Women in the Wild West

In westerns, women are often represented as bar girls and prostitutes. In the television series Little House on the Prairie there is a kind of a holy mother, who does the heavy lifting with a sweet smile. What was the life of the pioneer woman really like? cowgirl

Women from the ‘Wild West’ are often placed in fixed, stereotyped categories. This is largely the history of the Wild West. Namely that focused primarily on famous men and their heroic deeds. Women in these stories were extras or prostitutes. If you already have written about women themselves, it was about Calamity Jane (1852-1903) and Belle Starr (1848-1889), both who were atypical women.

The other image is that of women who had infinite patience, and were ladylike despite the rough work on a pioneer farm, the ‘Saint of the Prairie.” Of course there were women who met one of these stereotypes. The experiences of most women, however, show a different picture. We have an image of women not being good with financials, even though many women today invest in gold (by the way, speaking about this, go to this how to invest in gold website for good tips on investing in gold. I just started investing in gold myself and it’s a great long term investment.) (more…)

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